Windows Vista… is it worth a look?

By now, the whole computing world knows that the next client OS from MS is Windows Vista. Check this site for all the information about the current beta release of Windows Vista.
Paul Thurrott’s (WinSupersite)

Also, keep track of the latest development. These are the best news sources when it comes to Microsoft related stuff:
Paul Thurrott’s (WinInformant)

What’s all the fuss about this Vista thing, you may ask. Well, for one, this will be the first new Windows client release since Windows XP; and that was a long time ago. Remeber the days when MS used to release a Windows client version every year? Those days are over! It seems that this time they are trying to redefine what Windows is.

When you consider the look and feel of the current Windows (client and server), it dates back to Windows 95 + IE4 shell upgrade. From then on, it’s been an evolution in the UI. There have been no major updates to the UI (user interface) except for the Visual Styles (skins) support in Windows XP (which, according to me, is great.). Well, MS is trying something very different in Vista. What we see in the beta release is not even a preview (at least, that is what I have heard/read) of the final user interface.

And the security enhancements that MS is going to offer in Vista should make it the safest OS on the planet.

Yeah, there is Linux; but, who uses it really?

I guess all of us have to wait and watch the second beta of Vista to really find out if MS has got it right for the most anticipated Windows release yet!