Microsoft and Apple – History repeating itself?

When you look at the history of personal computers…


Apple was hot with the Mac. Microsoft wasn’t. In fact, they didn’t even have an operating system with decent UI until Windows 3.1 (1987?). By the time Windows 95 was released, Microsoft had conquered the personal computer market and Windows 95 just made their grip on this market so much stronger.


Now at the music player market…


New millennium… Apple was almost down and out. (In fact, Microsoft invested in Apple in the late 1990s after Jobs came back to Apple.) Apple introduces iPod, iTunes and takes a huge initial lead in the music player market. Apple is back with a bang, a big bang, if I can say that! What’s Microsoft doing? Well, they have a whole lot of technologies ready to take on Apple. But they haven’t been able to do anything about iPod yet. Will history repeat itself all over again? Will Microsoft beat Apple at its own game?


All we can do is wait and watch.