Yet Another Search Engine…

Here is another search engine… with a bit of a difference though.
On the search home page, you have the usual search box. Right below that, you have four shortcut buttons that allow you to assign web links to 4 different pages right on the search home page. What’s different here is that once you enter the shortcut, you get a preview thumbnail of the site! Cool.
Now, the search experience…
Let’s search for "blogs". You get a nice search results page with a column on the LHS showing related terms, categories, website location and even the document type, which is great. The RHS of the screen contains the actual search results, with a thumbnail preview of the search result displayed next to the search result. You can even view the website right there in the search results window by clicking on a specific search result (clicking on it again closes the view). Very good.
Still haven’t tried out all the options… but, looks good at first sight.