Make Windows XP look like Windows Vista

Many of us have used WindowsX’s “Longhorn transformation pack” and “OSX transformation pack” to change the way Windows XP looks and feels!

Now, here is one more such transformation pack, CrystalXPs Brico Pack called “Vista Inspirat BricoPack” that makes your Windows XP system look like Windows Vista! (Well, almost…).

It also installs the ObjectDock (Mac OS X like dock for Windows) and YzToolbar to make your Windows XP system look specialJ.

Give it a try:


While you are there, checkout all the XP Visual Styles and MSN Messenger skins too.



It’s a shell pack, meaning a lot of the core system files will be replaced or patched. Use it at your own risk. If you have disabled System Restore, enable it before you install it. I have had no problems in installing and using this pack.