Link: Talking about Pimp rickshaw!

 Checkout the cool auto rickshaw design. Wonder if Bajaj would be interested in it.




Pimp rickshaw!

Under the influence of nostalgia, while having hakka noodles and manchurian at a restaurant in Redmond, we wondered what it would be like to ride/drive an auto-rickshaw on 1st avenue in Seattle on a Saturday night(and we hadn’t even ordered drinks!).
We decided that it(the rickshaw) would be an awesome alternative to the pub crawling party buses and limos. Lightning fast 0-radius u-turns would help us turn around and pick up staggering girls wanting a ride to the next joint.
Obviously a top-of-the-line 4 stroke Bajaj passenger autorickshaw would not cut it..
Something had to be done…
Presenting the
the custom AutoRickshaw PE 1
(PE=Pimped Edition)
13" alloy front wheel
18" alloy rear wheels
Full moonroof
250 BHP rear mounted 4-stroke engine, RWD
Fold-away front buddy seat 🙂
Drop-down 18" LCD screen for rear passengers
8 spkr custom audio
Full-size image also available at:
All sketches are copyrighted by the author. You make one of these I’d better get one or "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad"