Supercomputer doubles own record

Faster, faster, faster… is there any limit to how fast a computer can, you know, compute?


The IBM Blue Gene super computer has just doubled its computing power.


To quote the article “Each person in the world with a handheld calculator would still take decades to do the same calculations Blue Gene is now able to do every second”.


That is real fast, but is it ‘useful’ fast? I have no idea! Do you know what they are using it for? I’ll quote the article again: “The unprecedented computing power of these two supercomputers is more critical than ever to meet the time-urgent issues related to maintaining our nation’s ageing nuclear stockpile without testing. BlueGene/L points the way to the future and the computing power we will need to improve our ability to predict the behaviour of the stockpile as it continues to age”.


Yeah, it’s used to maintain the nuclear stockpile. No further comments required, I guess.