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Why I love Windows Live
  Posted by Imran Qureshi

By now you’ve likely heard about Windows Live Mail and the suite of Windows Live products.  (Read the post below if you haven’t).

First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Imran Qureshi and I’m a Program Manager on the Windows Live Mail product working on the Mail Experience.  (Yes, I’m the guy on the Channel 9 video… )


1. Integration

All the products in Windows Live work similarly and connect together well.  Once you learn one you know how to use the other and your information is available in all of them.  

If you use Microsoft Office, it’s the same idea – once you learn Microsoft Word it is very easy to use Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Excel.  The same tools are available in all of them and you can move data between them very easily. 

Windows Live now enables the same for web services.


2. Speed

I hate waiting for pages to load on the web and I’m sure you do too.  All of Windows Live products are built for speed.  They use a technology codenamed Atlas to provide you a much faster experience so you don’t have to wait.  You can do what you have to do in less time.

The Windows Live web services behave very much like desktop clients so they have the same richness and speed.


3. Focused around people

Your life is focused around the people in your life.  Why is it so hard to find the email of someone to send mail to?  Why does it take so many steps to allow/block someone to send you mail or IM, to view your calendar, to read or comment on your blog, to see your pictures etc.  

Windows Live is designed around people and makes this easy.


Windows Live Mail (codename Kahuna), what I work on, is one of the first products in the Windows Live suite of products.  It is refreshingly different from any other web mail product because:

1. Kahuna is built from the ground up with the idea that our users can design software better than Product Managers or Developers.  Read more.

2. Email must be safer – The days of every email being treated the same are over.