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 There is a market for all kinds of crazy things in this world!


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Most ridiculous cell phone concept yet

I’m glad the Chinese are slowly moving towards a market economy, but if this is the result then mayhap this land with the 2000 year old civilization should take a breather and slow down. Yeah, the Koreans built it, which is bad enough, but those who buy are most at fault.
Seems that Chinese consumers are about to start buying a cell phone from Hyundai that…smells good. Nope, not kidding. The Hyundai MP 280 is a perfume phone that comes with a perfume mini-spray that’s activated every time you take or make a phone call. Worse, it’s going on sale for the equivalent of US$1225.
All the troubles in the world–especially China–and some of the world’s keenest engineering minds are building this. Kills me. Then again, maybe I should lighten up.