Wanna code for Bill Gates? Code4Bill!

On 10th December 2005, the geekiest of all geeks launched http://www.code4bill.com, a nationwide talent hunt to search India’s best student technologists. And the reward? It is every technologist’s dreams… a chance to work at Microsoft’s Redmond campus.
It is very significant that Microsoft and Bill Gates decided to launch this initiative in India first. Microsoft is coming to the party big time now!!!!
Bill gates is not a politician; so, when he says "… I met a cross-section of India’s IT talent at a developer forum. I can vouch that it was the best talent pool I have ever seen in my life" (source Times Of India), it’s a pat on the back of all Indians.
Be proud… remain Indian.
I have noticed one thing this time, which may be very significant. India is NOT uttering "open source… open source" every second breath, like a lot of other countries/governments have done recently. Open source and free software is good, but using them to scare Microsoft into submission is not the way to go. It doesn’t help anybody in the long term… definitely not open source.
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