Indian wins $50,000 in PC design contest: sChOOL Pak

Prashant Chandra (of Telserra India Pvt Ltd) designed "sChOOL Pak", has won the Chairman’s Award at CES2006.


Refer to this Hindu article for more info:


The design looks cool, but, to me it is very impractical. These things remind me of the "concept car" craze of the automobile companies… very few of them actually make it to production! But there is a difference… automobile companies design concept cars just for the fun of it. It’s not actually intended to end up in production. But, this particular contest was, IMHO, looking for a design that could be actually used. Not a particularly good choice.


That aside, it is very impressive that Indians are able to design cool looking things. That’s a big change… we are really weak in our "presentation" of ideas. This seems to be a change in the right direction, though.