Suggestions for improving Windows Live Mail…

I have these suggestions to the WLM team:


1) Make it possible to hide/show the folder list. Provide a toggle. This will increase the mail preview viewing area.


2) Remove the advertisement at the top. It takes too much space. The vertical space in the mail preview area is really very small right now. Removing the Ads at the top will provide much needed space for mail preview.

3) Make it possible to have search folders so that users can save frequent searches.


4) Allow flagging of emails and make them searchable.


5) Add sorting capabilities to the message list area (like in Microsoft Outlook). It’s easier to click and toggle the sorting order (ascending/descending).

6) Mail inbox auto refresh – really need this. (This may be difficult since each message list page can only display 50 mail messages. What if the mail I am currently reading crosses-over to the next page when a new mail arrives?)


7) Editing contacts is not very friendly at all. Make it simpler.


8) Improve the icons, please. Some of the icons look like they belong to Win 3.x era… really.


9) Provide basic mail rules capability. Like moving emails based on subject and/or mail ID.


Edit: Have sent these to one of the members of the WLM team.



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