India won the cricket match today, but…

… they win ONE match, and they are said to be in TOP form. The comparisons start… best in the world… next best to Australia… best batting line-up in the world… Sachin is back in form… <add your statement here, praising Indian cricket>.
Heard one positive info. today… that Sachin Tendulkar is having a look at some of his old matches from the 1990s to see what has changed in his batting style. I would say it’s about time he did that. Sachin plays best when he attacks. The moment he starts playing defensively, he gets out… almost immediately. ATTACK!
Now that Sehwag has scored a 50, is his contribution over and done for the series? One big knock per series is his matra, I guess.
UPDATE: Sehwag is out of the series with an injury… so, that was his last innings for the series.
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Next match, if India loses… the other side of the opinion comes out. Watiing for that
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