Microsoft File Transfer Manager hoses my Windows Vista download…

I can’t describe how I am feeling right now… Frustrated? Irritated? Angry? All of that and also in a mood to throw chairs at Microsoft (Steve Ballmer style). "Why?" you ask. Because Microsoft File Transfer Manager just hosed my Windows Vista download. After struggling to get through the mad rush to download Vista 5308 from Connect (due to lack of effort on the part of Microsoft to provide enough bandwidth), after struggling through power outages, after almost 24 total hours of download, after downloading almost 50% of around 2.8 GB of the DVD image, I have to start all over again.
Why? Because Microsoft decided that they wanted to update their File Transfer Manager.
I came home from work today to find my computer OFF due to a power outage (What’s new? This is India, the country of the corrupt and the lazy). I switched it back ON and tried to resume the Vista download. But, FTM wouldn’t allow me to… it wanted me to upgrade to the "latest" version of the FTM.
I thought "Ok, this shouldn’t be hard…". I downloaded the new version, started the FTM and tried to resume the download again. And what do I see? 0% download completed! What crap! Welcome to the world of Microsoft software. No wonder, people are wishing to move away from Microsoft.
Let me tell you, I have a 128kbps connection. The service provider is kind enough to bump it up to 256kbps during night time. This is considered to be "BROADBAND" in India. Now, I have to download it all over again. Thankfully, I chose an unlimited data transfer connection. Otherwise, I would have had to pay extra to download this stuff!
Update: Just had a look at FTM… it has NOT been able to resume my download. Don’t know what the problem is. The status is either "Interrupted" or it says "Trying to connect".