– updated. Live Search – beta debut

Windows Live ( has been updated, with a super cool new look.
Here is Scoble’s post regarding this:
Here is’s coverage:
Microsoft has also released Windows Live Search at Check it out. It has redefined the search UX (User experience) by doing away with pages and pages of results. Yeah, no more next… next… to see more search results. All you have to do is scroll down as much as you want. All search results are on the same page. Super cool.
But, if Microsoft wants a share of the search market, they should make the search home page.
Here is what I think…
Move the current to some other sub-domain, like

The biggest weak-point of MSN Search or Live Search is the URL. Microsoft needs a small and easy-to-remember URL to gain market share in web search… I would say even more than better search algorithms!

Microsoft should take advantage of the domain for gaining market share in search technology. I know that page has search integrated right into it, but people are used to Google’s clean search page. is “very” clean. Why not move it to