Five Point Someone vs One Night @ The Call Center

In the last three weeks, I have read three books – 1) One Night @ The Call Center, 2) False Impression, and 3) Five Point Someone.


Both One Night @ The Call Center and Five Point Someone are by Chetan Bhagat, in the realistic-fiction category (you know… the kind of story that is written as fiction, but could very well have been real).


I don’t know about others, but I got to know about Five Point Someone (and Chetan Bhagat) after a friend of mine sent me an email about One Night @ The Call Center (I guess that was about six months ago!!!). I had never heard of this guy or his novel(s) before. I thought this could be another of the over-hyped Indian Authors (the Arundathi Roy kind). Anyway, I thought I would read the books and decide for myself.


I finally bought the two books about three weeks ago and read One Night… first. Didn’t like it at all… what crap!!! Didn’t he have a better idea for a second novel? Or had he reached saturation after just one novel… just like Arundathi Roy did?


Anyway, didn’t feel like reading Five Point… after the disappointment with One Night… . I read the latest Jeffrey Archer fiction next: False Impression. Very impressive… Liked it… was a great time-pass (TP) novel and a serious-fun read.


After False Impression, I had two books left with me – Five Point Someone and Richard Branson – The Autobiography. I was in no mood to read a bio of someone (though Richard Branson’s bio should be even more exiting than most fiction novels!). So, I started with Five Point.


Five Point Someone – What not to do at IIT!: I must admit, after the disappointment with One Night…, didn’t expect much with Five Point. But, what a read!!! Very well written and feels really true. Hopefully, he’ll have a better idea than One Night @ The Call Center for his next novel.


Now on to Richard Branson – The Autobiography…