How I got My Wings: Part II – The Client Interview

am currently on-site in the US at a client site for my company. Me going
on-site was totally unexpected and very sudden. I’ll post a series of blog
entries sequencing how it all happened. This is Part II…

Part I

Client Interview:

client interview was scheduled for Thursday morning, between 8:30 AM and 10:00
AM IST. I arrived at the office at around 7:30 AM. Once I reached office, I got
an SMS from my PM informing me that the interview was scheduled for 8:30 AM.
Then my PM arrived at around 8:15 AM. He checked his email and told me that the
interview was now scheduled at 9:30 AM. I went back to place and waited…

AM – The interview call starts with the usual greetings and introductions. I
was then grilled for an hour and in the end was requested to send some code and
design samples. I was told that they will confirm if am suitable for the job at
hand after having a look at the code and design samples.

PM and me came out of the conference room and I was asked to extract some code
and design samples from my previous work/projects. I set about doing this and provided
the required samples by 3:00 PM. I personally thought that the interview went

was the big wait for the confirmation.

The interview ‘result’ and the big rush…