How I got My Wings: Part III – The Interview ‘Result’…

I am currently on-site in the US at a client site for my company. Me going on-site was totally unexpected and very sudden. I’ll post a series of blog entries sequencing how it all happened. This is Part III…


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The Interview ‘result’ and the big rush…:


On Thursday evening (the interview day), I went home, with very little expectations. After all, this was my first ‘phirangi’ interview (interview by foreigners (Americans in this case)). The expectations were further down coz of the fact that they wanted to have a look at my code and design before they decided. Now, I do code pretty decently, but I am not an amazing code wizard!


On Friday, I arrived at office at my usual time between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM. I had no idea when I was going to receive information on my interview ‘result’. So, just sat in front of my work PC and did the usual stuff.


But, they had told me that if the client confirmed me, I might have to travel the very next day. I thought, well, let them confirm me first and I’ll think about traveling later. I have had a few not-so-good experiences when thinking & planning ahead and I have learnt to take things one small step at a time. I have realized that this is the right way to do things. Think ahead all you want, but don’t ever plan too far ahead.


Now, coming back to the actual story!

Friday, 10:00 AM – my PM calls me to his chambers and tells me that I have to go! The client must have been satisfied with whatever they heard from me and whatever they saw in the code. This was a big relief. I called home immediately and told them the news. Of course, they very were happy!


I was told to get ready to travel on a Sunday mid-night flight. I was also asked to get my International Driver’s License ready! This was one extra thing I had not anticipated – a time consuming one at that. I spoke to my PM and left office immediately. I went home, went to the RTO office (which is very near to my home) with my father, and to cut the long story short, managed to finish the procedure for the license by 1 PM.


After finishing the work at the RTO office, I went back to the office and started with all the stuff I had to do to get going the next day. Added to this, I still had to buy a lot of things for my travel and I had very limited time. At work, we don’t have a very streamlined procedure for foreign travel. I was told that I would be receiving my tickets and money in Bangalore on Saturday. After sometime, I got an email informing me that my ticket would be an eTicket – so, no tickets in Bangalore. I got my eTicket, took multiple printouts of it and collected all the required documents. I finally arrived home at 6:00 PM with a lot of stuff left to do. At home, I learnt that there was a delay in issuing the ILD, but my father had finally been able to collect it – that was a big relief.


My parents had already gone out to purchase some of the most obvious things. Meanwhile, my brother in Bangalore decided that he would drive all the way to Mysore and help me with this stuff. He arrived at around 7:30 PM. All of us had a little family chat and we decided that the best thing to do would be to leave Mysore early in the morning on Friday, do all the shopping in Bangalore, collect the travel money and get ready to travel.


We met a couple of relatives (two of my mother’s sisters and their family) and told them about the news. I called my close friends and the ones who were in Mysore that day came over to my place around 9 PM and we had a nice chat about, well, nothing!


We finally hit the bed around 12 AM on Saturday.


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