A very special haircut

I have been here for just over 2 months now and it was time for a haircut. Since I am new here, I didn’t know where I could get one! So, I asked the owners of my accommodation to help me out and they asked one of their friends (who visits them every weekend) to help me out. It turns out that this guy works in the US Navy.


He took me to the local Naval base since he had to buy some stuff from the store over there. When we got there, he said I could get my hair cut at the base itself! And I did just that J. I come all the way from India and get my hair cut at a Naval base in the US… and I had never been to a naval base back in India.


I even did some grocery shopping while I was there!


This is a comparatively small naval base and visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside. I can’t understand the reason for that, because everything is visible from the air! Just have a look at this view from Windows Live Local.



And, this is how it looks like from a view point…