My trip to Downtown Seattle

I went to Downtown Seattle today (3rd July). This is a Windows Live Local collection of my trip there. Click on the link below for the full tour. In Windows Live Local, for each point, select the Bird’s Eye View for a great view of that place.


Pictures at:



My Windows Live Local collection

Pike Place Market
This is US’s oldest continuously operating market and it is more than 90 years old. They sell stuff the old way here – makes you feel you are in a local market back in India!

Seattle waterfront. Lots of activity here – Boats, Yatches, Paragliding… good stuff!

Seattle Aquarium
I came here next. There was a big queue to get in, so didn’t go in.

My lunch!
I bought my lunch somewhere near here at a Vietnamese eatery – Vietnamese Veg Sandwich with a free soft drink!

Seattle Art Museum
Not interested in Art. Didn’t go in there.

Pioneer Square – Smith Tower
This is the city’s oldest neighborhood that flourished in the late 1800s. The area was completely destroyed in a fire in 1889.

Quest Field
The sports stadium – Americal Football, Soccer. Has a roof that can be closed – said to be the world’s biggest of the kind!

King Station
Old style Railway Station

Hing Hay park…
Not much of a park, this, but it does have a colourful dragon mural.

Kobe Terrace Park
Went in here and a couple of black guys"

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