4th of July parade (American Independence Day)

4th of July parade: The parade started at around 10:30 am. It was all very casual. No speeches,
no politicians pushing propaganda, no military march-past. A lot of importance
is given to public services (Fire dept., Police, Medics etc.). Nothing “political”
about it :). But, right at the end of the parade, there were groups of people
asking for votes for those standing for various elections. There was a US Navy
helicopter fly-past. That’s about it! They call it the 4th of July parade – I didn’t hear anyone mention about it being their Independence Day. I guess they have been ‘independent’ for far too long to even notice!

Fireworks at the Naval station: The city had arranged for
fireworks at the Everett Naval Station. My passport was good enough for them to
allow me in :). There was some good music and other events while everyone
waited for the Sun to set. The sunset on the waterfront was beautiful. The
Sun finally decided to go down at around 9:30
pm and it was dark by 10:15 pm. Fireworks started at 10:20 pm
and lasted for nearly 25 minutes. It was pretty good too. After it was done, I boarded
the bus back to the main bus station and walked home (nearly 2 km) at 11:30 pm – that wasn’t the brightest thing to
do at that late hour, but I had no choice!

Pictures at: http://photos.yahoo.com/pdileepa