CNN IBN and Internet news reporting.

CNN IBN is the hot new destination for the latest news from India. At least, that’s what they would like you to believe. What most readers don’t notice, or don’t care even if they notice, is the kind of mistakes their articles contain and the frequency of mistakes.

In the past two weeks, I have seen three articles where important points have been wrongly reported. The first article was an interview with Brandon Routh, the guy who plays Superman in the new movie Superman Returns. The article, get this, quoted him as saying “…So we were able to really practice a lot of that stuff so it looked smooth. Plus, we had the ability to have Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and these amazing computer artists came in and helped with that and there was great team effort too.” He would have probably said CGI and these guys foolishly expanded it to Common Gateway Interface AND attributed it to him – how about that! I put up a comment for that article pointing out their mistake, but the comment didn’t show up at all. But the mistake was mysteriously corrected.

Now, today, in two articles about the failure of the GSLV launch vehicle, they repeatedly pointed out that INSAT belonged to the Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) series of satellites. I again put up a comment in one of the articles pointing out the mistake. Again the comment did not appear – the article was corrected. But you can still see the mistake in the second article.

First article (the main article):

Second article:

This from a media outlet claiming the highest percentage of viewership. Come on! What are the editors getting paid for? Are there any editors at all?