Digg: Dominated by a bunch of Microsoft haters.

Why doesn’t the Technology sub-section have "Microsoft"? It has "Apple", "Linux,Unix" and a bunch of other general sections, but no "Microsoft"!
Seriously… why not? When you consider that most of the traffic comes from people using Windows OS and at least half of the traffic from Internet Explorer, and when you consider Microsoft’s position in the technology industry, it’s really sad to see Digg stoop to a low level and not even list Microsoft in the sub-categories under Technology. Looks like even the founders are very anti-Microsoft.
A bunch of Microsoft haters gather around and all they do is submit negative articles about that company. And they put a negative spin on even the most positive articles about the company. Digg has become an anti-Microsoft promotional site. It’s really sad.
I think I have a new term for these people (anti-Microsoft): "Technology Terrorists"