Windows Vista is looking good…

I am running the latest build available on Microsoft Connect (5728) and it’s really looking good for Windows Vista. Not too many problems (though I can’t get the Media Center to work properly – can’t even get through the configuration!). The bundled applications work well. And, Windows Vista is significantly more responsive (= faster) than Windows XP.

Windows Vista doesn’t recognize all the hardware on my laptop, but I can install most of the Windows XP drivers and get the all clear in Device Manager (i.e no unrecognized hardware). One strange thing is that the sound card driver that Vista installs doesn’t have microphone as a recording device! But, I can fix this by installing the XP driver.

BTW, I bought a new laptop about a month ago; a HP dv6040us multimedia notebook. It’s good, although I have had problems with the microphone – lots of noise!. But the noise problem is almost non-existent on Windows Vista using the same XP drivers! Another strange thing (not so strange, actually) is that the noise is non-existent when I switch off the WiFi on XP!. So, can’t seem to figure out what’s going on…

Here’s the laptop spec sheet: