Huge memory leak on IE7 Vista

I don’t know what happened here, but I was watching Windows 2008 (Longhorn) processor demo (available through in full screen mode (F11) in IE7. After sometime, when I tried to exit out of full screen, I noticed that the system had become very slow (I mean, very very very very slow). Now, for all the carp out there about Vista being slow, it has been pretty fast for me and I have had no problems.

I brought my spacebar gadgets forward to see what was going on. Straightaway I noticed that I had only 90 MB of free memory (out of 2 GB!). I fired up Task Manager (well, fired up is the wrong phrase to use… it took more than a couple of minutes for the Task Manager window to come up!). And what do I see there?

That’s right. What you see there is Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) consuming 1.3 GB of RAM! I don’t know what caused it to happen. I tried the same thing again, but it worked fine the second time.

I had Gmail, Google Reader and the two links I noted above open in the browser window.