Rulers, Elections and Politicians

It’s the first round of state elections in Karnataka today. As usual, every party leader claims that his/her party is going to win enough seats for a single party majority. But what’s most striking, to me, is that all of them think that they are going to ‘rule’ the state of Karnataka.

This is the way politicians think in India — they are the ‘rulers’. They still don’t get the fact that they are ‘elected’ by the people of the country to ‘represent’ them as part of the government or by sitting in the opposition. They are supposed to administer and manage the affairs of the country. They are not supposed to ‘rule’ us. They are neither dictators nor kings.

I still remember the statement made by Lalu Prasad Yadav (the current Union Railways Minister) on a program on NDTV news channel. He said, and I quote: “One day, I’ll rule the nation”, in his own inimitable style. I was watching the program along with a cousin of mine and we both burst out laughing.  Of course, he wants to ‘rule’ the nation. He wants to ‘rule’ the nation so that he can make more money than he did as the Chief Minister of the state of Bihar.

That’s the aim of almost every politician in this country. Get elected, do absolutely nothing for his/her constituency, make crores of rupees illegally, wait for the next election and repeat the cycle.

So as the next set of looters get elected in Karnataka this month, we can all look forward to many years of corruption, looting, destruction of public property, underdevelopment, negative ‘improvement’ and a lot more. Exciting times ahead!!!