Why I uninstalled Google Chrome (and Google Chrome is spyware).

I uninstalled Chrome because Google Chrome is spyware. After uninstalling it, Google opened a feedback page, requesting for feedback. This is what I wrote:

1. You spy on me. Why do you have to associate each Chrome installation with a unique ID?
2. You spy on me. You indicate that you collect data, but not anonymously. So it is personally identifiable data.
3. You spy on me. So Google Chrome is spyware.
4. You spy on me. You import data from other browsers, including passwords, without asking.
5. When I use Chrome, my computer slows down to a crawl. Are you spying on me again?
6. When I uninstalled Chrome, you opened this feedback page in Internet Explorer, while my default browser is set to Firefox.

Really disappointed with Google and its obsession with spying on people and not being open about it. So much for Google’s Open Source bullshit when it’s not even open with its communication.