The British press and Lewis Hamilton

I returned home from work today and opened Google Reader to check on the latest feeds. I noticed a feed from BBC F1 titled “Hamilton sets benchmark in Brazil”.

BBC Hamilton Fastest

I then opened the article to see how much slower Filipe Massa was and wonder of wonders, the headline had changed to “Massa edges title rival Hamilton”.

Conspiracy theory: BBC had fixed Massa’s Ferrari to run slower, but he still managed to run fastest! BBC should be thoroughly investigated for this report. It seems to me that BBC had prepared the report well in advanced and hit the publish button even before the practice session was over.

Seriously, what’s wrong with the British press? I had earlier blogged about BBC’s biased F1 coverage. This latest ‘incident’ just provides additional material to show just how biased the British press is, including the supposedly unbiased BBC. FWIW, I have never found them to be unbiased in any of their reporting, not just F1. Balanced? May be. Unbiased? Never!

Lewis Hamilton is the most arrogant driver on track. He says he is similar to the great Senna. How much more arrogant & cocky can he get? I wish him the worst luck this weekend in Brazil. I hope his car breaks down. I do not want to see him finish the race.

I am not being racist or anything — it’s got nothing to do with his color (I hardly notice his color, being a ‘colored’ person myself) . I just don’t like him.

Massa deserves the title this season. He has been the best driver on track. If not for Ferrari’s multiple mistakes this season, Massa would have been crowned champion by now. If not for Ferrari’s dismal performance in the wet this season, he’d be level with Hamilton now, may be even ahead. It’s the new management at Ferrari that should be blamed if Massa is unable to win the title in Brazil.