Is HP being run by a bunch of idiots?

I purchased an expensive laptop, again, from HP and they offered to send me a printer (free after mail-in-rebate). After I received the printer, I opened the box and tried to set everything up, but was left scratching my head after not finding the USB cable that is required to connect the printer to the computer.

So I thought I’d chat with an online HP technician and that is exactly what I did today.

Imagine my surprise when he told me that HP does not ship USB cables with their printer!

What kind of a stupid, idiotic, moronic company is this?

To be precise, who are the stupid, idiotic, moronic people that run this company?

Who made the decision to not ship a cable to connect the printer to the computer?

How do these brilliant, over paid, over rewarded MBAs expect people to use the printer after paying for them?

I am a pretty loyal customer of HP and have bought a number of laptops and printers from them before. I am definitely going to think thrice before ordering a HP product now. Especially printers, considering how HP printer cartridges are a rip off!

I made my displeasure very clear to the support technician. Here’s the chat log:

Dileepa Prabhakar : I ordered an HP HDX16T (Online Order HXXXXXXXXX) and received a free HP Deskjet D2680 printer. However, the printer did not ship with a USB cable to connect to the computer. I am now left with an unusable printer.
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Yyyyy .]
Yyyyy : Welcome to HP Total Care chat support for Imaging and Printing Group. My name is Yyyyy. Please give me a minute while I review your problem description details.
Dileepa Prabhakar : Hi Yyyyy. Sure. Ping me when you are ready.
Yyyyy : Sure thanks Dileepa. As per the records with me you are referring to a HP DeskJet D2680 Printer, with WIN VISTA installed as an operating system. Am I correct?
Dileepa Prabhakar : Yes.
Yyyyy : Dileepa, I would like to let you know that the USB cable is not a part of the printer and is not shipped with any new printer. It is ordered and purchased separately. I apologise for inconveniences.
Dileepa Prabhakar : Oh, really? Wow… I don’t know how to say this, but that’s stupid (on HP’s part).
Yyyyy : Once again, I apologise for inconveniences. Would you be interested to order the a new USB cable from HP directly?
Dileepa Prabhakar : No. Don’t want to pay double for a USB cable from HP when I can get it for far less elsewhere. Thanks for letting me know though. Tell your management that they are idiots, pardon my strongish language.
Yyyyy : Okay, is there anything else I may help you with?
Dileepa Prabhakar : No. Thanks. Good day (or night, wherever you are).
Yyyyy : It’s been a pleasure assisting you today. Please note the reference ID of this chat ZZZZZZZ. Thank you for contacting HP Total care and giving us an opportunity to serve you.
Yyyyy : Have a good day!
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