CyanogenMod CM9 (Android ICS) on HP Touchpad

I finally got around to trying CM9 on my Touchpad and I must say it works pretty well (except for the webcam and microphone, which don’t work at all).

It was fairly straightforward, but I didn’t get everything right initially because the instructions I was referring to didn’t point to the right files or files with the right names.

I am not going to do a tutorial — there are many out there — but I’ll link to useful information and other hard-to-find information in this post.

Refer to instructions from here (but only download Novacom from this link — see below):

But download files (except for Novacom installer) from here (scroll down for to the “Downloads” section in the first post) :

You may also want to use the latest nightly instead of the Alpha 2 build in the above link. Nightlies are available here:

Google Apps (referred to in the first link) package is available here:

Have fun with CM9!


  • Dual boot: Once it it set up, you will be dual booting between webOS and CM9. In the boot menu, use the volume rocker to scroll-up the list and the home button to select boot option.
  • Nightly upgrade: If you later want to upgrade to a newer nightly or go back to an older version, see instructions in this video:

Download ‘ACMEUninstaller’ from here and use the same methodology — boot Touchpad into webOS Recovery and issue the novacom command, this time using the ACMEUninstaller script.