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  • Dileepa Prabhakar 19:59 on October 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    The British press and Lewis Hamilton 

    I returned home from work today and opened Google Reader to check on the latest feeds. I noticed a feed from BBC F1 titled “Hamilton sets benchmark in Brazil”.

    BBC Hamilton Fastest

    I then opened the article to see how much slower Filipe Massa was and wonder of wonders, the headline had changed to “Massa edges title rival Hamilton”.


    Conspiracy theory: BBC had fixed Massa’s Ferrari to run slower, but he still managed to run fastest! BBC should be thoroughly investigated for this report. It seems to me that BBC had prepared the report well in advanced and hit the publish button even before the practice session was over.

    Seriously, what’s wrong with the British press? I had earlier blogged about BBC’s biased F1 coverage. This latest ‘incident’ just provides additional material to show just how biased the British press is, including the supposedly unbiased BBC. FWIW, I have never found them to be unbiased in any of their reporting, not just F1. Balanced? May be. Unbiased? Never!

    Lewis Hamilton is the most arrogant driver on track. He says he is similar to the great Senna. How much more arrogant & cocky can he get? I wish him the worst luck this weekend in Brazil. I hope his car breaks down. I do not want to see him finish the race.

    I am not being racist or anything — it’s got nothing to do with his color (I hardly notice his color, being a ‘colored’ person myself) . I just don’t like him.

    Massa deserves the title this season. He has been the best driver on track. If not for Ferrari’s multiple mistakes this season, Massa would have been crowned champion by now. If not for Ferrari’s dismal performance in the wet this season, he’d be level with Hamilton now, may be even ahead. It’s the new management at Ferrari that should be blamed if Massa is unable to win the title in Brazil.

    • themightyvilla 15:44 on November 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I’m still undecided about Hamilton. Look forward to seeing his character develop over the coming years and see how he turns out.

      I agree the BBC are utterly biased, not just with sport but with all world affairs it really is disgusting although I think they got this one right because they only said, “Hamilton goes fastest in early practice” which is true although he was very slow in second practice.

      I hope it is an exciting race where everyone can agree the best driver wins and doesn’t go to a technicality or stroke of luck.

    • Dileepa Prabhakar 15:56 on November 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I am sorry, but BBC was very wrong this time and they even fixed the article headline. FP1 times show that it was in fact Massa, not Hamilton, who was fastest.


      “Fastest” indicates an absolute state — faster than anyone else. Hamilton was not.

    • themightyvilla 18:01 on November 1, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I should check my sources! Thanks for the formula1.com link. It really is concerning when they make such blatent fabrications.

      Here in the UK the masses are under the shrouded assummption that the BBC reports the truth fairly and impartiality. lol!

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  • Dileepa Prabhakar 12:06 on October 25, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Indian Railways is stuck in the 1940s 

    I traveled to Mumbai on Tuesday and returned back to Pune on Wednesday. And I traveled by train.

    I have never been a fan of traveling by train in India, but sometimes one just does not have a choice. And in India, since there are no private railway companies, we just have one option – the Indian Railways.

    For all the noise about Lalu Prasad Yadav doing great things for the Indian Railways, here are some hard facts from just one journey:

    • The railways stations stink. Pune Station is supposed to be one of the most important stations in the Central Railways division. The stinking smell is overpowering. It’s surprising that I survived waiting on the platform for the train to arrive.
    • Speaking of platforms, is there really a platform number 2 in Pune? All I saw was some mud, dug up and scattered all around. One had to be extremely careful not to trip over and fall.
    • The train bogeys stink. What’s that smell? Shit! Shit? And this inside the ‘Chair Car AC’ bogeys. You know, the ones which are supposed to be ‘Air Conditioned’!
    • That’s right, the Chair Car bogey is ‘supposed’ to be Air Conditioned. Is it, really? Looks like the air is pulled straight from the toilet, chilled and blown at full speed into the bogey.
    • There is no temperature control – You are alternatively frozen and fried, depending on whether the AC is working or not.
    • The chairs in the bogeys are from the pre-independence era – at least, that’s how they looked to me!
    • Forget the chairs, the train bogeys look as if they are straight from the pre-independence era!
    • Was the train really moving on rails? It didn’t seem like that to me. The bogey was shaking and bouncing around so much, I started to wonder if the train had gone off-track! You know, cross-country ‘railing’ by Indian Railways!

    After every journey by train in India, it takes me a couple of days to ‘forget’ the stinking smell that my nose is very keen to ‘remember’. A shower doesn’t help!

    Hopefully, Lalu has made enough money off of Indian Railways – he should be proud of his ‘achievements’.

    • Hindustani 04:21 on December 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I think you are a very good citizen of India. I would like to ask you a question when you saw all this dug all shit shit in stations and also in compartment. what the next thing you did when u came home?
      Did you try to do some thing for this situation? I mean other than complaining? Did you take any initiative to improve the condition? Oh yes! you made this website and wrote all possible things you can tell bad about our railway system.
      You could have motivated people to be apart of your fight against taking and inititative and help Lalu to make railways better…
      Did u ever gave a thought on how Indian railways employed or i can say saved the 1.6 million peoples job and how it is contributing in keeping there families survived.
      Its easy to complain but tough to do something. If you cannot motivate the system do not complain. Be a part on India’s fight to imporve….
      Hope this will work.
      Thank You!
      JAI HIND…
      I love INDIA.

    • Dileepa Prabhakar 08:55 on December 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      It’s all very good to ask “what did you do in the situation?”

      I pay my taxes. Do you? What exactly is being done with the tax money? Do you know?

      It’s not my job to tell them to keep the railway station clean. It should be clean without me telling it. The railway bogeys should be clean without me telling them to keep it clean. I don’t think that’s too much to expect.

      Do you know how backwards a majority of the country is? Do you know why? It’s exactly because of attitude like yours.

      Your kind of stupid arguments are what is holding back the country.

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 00:33 on April 23, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    My WordPress blog… 

    Yet another blog…  this time at WordPress!  Scoble runs his blog using the WordPress service… thought I would create one too.

    I actively (inactively!) run a blog at MSN Spaces: VolatileChar
    I may even switch if I find this better at most things than MSN Spaces… but got to wait until Windows Live Spaces is launched before I decide 😉

    –Dileepa P

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