– Free and Open Source Software conference at Bangalore. is India’s premier Free and Open Source Software event. When I heard about it, I decided to attend the conference and so did 3 of my colleagues (with the kind permission of my PM and PL ūüôā ). Here is now it panned out:
29th Nov 2005: D-day minus 1:
We are at work and trying to book a hotel at Bangalore. We have to leave for Bangalore by the 6 pm¬†train and for that, we need to leave office by 4 pm. But the rooms are still not booked… there is no confirmation yet! Finally, we get confirmation @ 3:45 pm that 2 rooms have been booked at VT Paradise.¬† We leave office and head¬†to our homes and agree to meet back at the railway station.
I reach the station first at around 5:25 pm and stand in the queue and buy tickets for all four of us. My colleagues arrive shortly after that. We board the train and are on our way to Bangalore.
We reach Bangalore around 9 pm after an interesting and fun 3 hour journey. We board an auto rickshaw and¬†head for the hotel. We reach the hotel, complete all the registration formalities¬†and head for our rooms immediately, even though we are hungry; we are eager to watch the end of an exiting cricket match between India and South Africa :). After an agonizing wait :), India wins and we are happy! We decide to have dinner at the hotel restaurant and once we are done with that, we head back to our rooms to get a good night’s sleep, so that we are ready for the conference tomorrow.
30th Nov 2005: D-day –¬† Day 1: Coming soon…!