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  • Dileepa Prabhakar 10:38 on August 27, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    I am going to be a very rich guy! 

    At least, according to this email I received to my Yahoo! account 🙂

    (In case anyone reading this didn’t get it, it’s spam. So, please don’t follow any instructions down below. Read at your own risk!!!!)




    salif ibrahim <salifibrah10@hotmail.com>


                                    ATTN: URGENT DEAR FRIEND
    I am the head of Accounts and Audit Department of Bank Of Africa,  
    Ouagadougou.It is my utmost pleasure to send you this confidential message.
    In my search for a reliable business partner overseas, i got your  contact
    in the internet and was impressed with your profile hence my interest in
    doing business with you.In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of
    $18.3m US dollars (Eighteen  million, three hundred thousand US dollars) .In
    an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with
    his entire family on Monday,31 may, 2000 in a plane crash out side paris.
    Please visit this site that is one of the evidence the directors brought in
    other to swallow the money at the end
    Since we got information about his death, we have been expecting his next of
    kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot release it unless  
    somebody applies for it as next of kin or relation to the deceased as  
    indicated in our banking guidelines but unfortunately we learnt that all his
    supposed next of kin or relation died alongside with him at the plane crash
    leaving nobody behind for the claim.
    It is therefore upon this discovery that I and other officials in my
    department now decided to make this business proposal to you and release the
    money to you as the next of kin or relation to the deceased for safety and
    subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don’t want this
      money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed Bill.
    The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained  
    Unclaimed after seven years, the money will be transferred into the Bank
    treasury as unclaimed fund.
    The request of foreigner as next of kin in this business is occasioned by
    the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a Burkinabe cannot stand as
    next of kin to a foreigner.
    We agree that 30 % of this money will be for you as foreign partner, in
    respect to the provision of a foreign account, 5 % will be set aside for
    expenses incurred during the business and 65 % would be for me and my
    There after I and my colleagues will visit your country for disbursement
    according to the percentages indicated.
    Therefore to enable the immediate transfer of this fund to you as arranged,
    you must apply first to the bank as relations or next of kin of the deceased
    indicating your bank name, your bank account number, your private telephone
    and fax number for easy and effective communication and location where in
    the money will be remitted .
    Upon receipt of your reply, I will send to you by fax or email the text of
    the application. I will not fail to bring to your notice that this
    transaction is hitch free and that you should not entertain any atom of fear
    as all required arrangements have been made for the transfer.
    I expect that you contact me as soon as you receive this mail  or If you
    which me to contact  you via your  telephone or fax or po box I will do that
    as well.
    You can also contact me via my alternative email address
    Yours faithfully,
    Accounts & Audit Department ,

    • Enter 19:13 on August 27, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      There\’s a thriving Nigerian industry doing this and one can only imagine the number of people falling a victim considering these guys have made this a fulltime employment opportunity in their country!

    • Ruofan 04:50 on October 21, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      i got one too from a "muosa wahab". what a ridiculous scam!

    • Unknown 20:18 on July 21, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Fuck him off giving fake number

    • ibrahim salifou moussa 07:19 on October 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply


  • Dileepa Prabhakar 20:52 on August 6, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    A first in America (for me) 

    For the first time ever in America, I experienced power failure (or current problem, as we call in India 🙂 ). Well, it didn’t last long, but it did happen!
    • sillygloop 00:24 on August 8, 2006 Permalink | Reply


    • Sharath 17:21 on February 11, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      Good to hear that…

    • Unknown 20:20 on July 21, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Almost everyday for 1 hour in India now/I\’ll go to America too.Wait for me there 🙂

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 05:32 on July 14, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Digg spell checker doesn’t recognize the most important word! 

    Digg, (the better /. and a whole LOT more), has a very useful spell checker for people who care to comment & check their spelling. But the spell checker flags the most important word on the Internet these days – "blog". That’s right! Try it out for yourself on Digg. It doesn’t recognize "weblog" too!
    It’s probably a result of using an existing but old spell checking library – but it’s a significant oversight, IMHO!
    I wonder if the Firefox 2.0 spell checker has the same problem – will check it out when I go back home from work.
    Update: Firefox spell checker has the same problem.
    BTW Office 2007 Beta2 spell checker DOES recognize these two words. At least the Office team gets it!
    • Unknown 16:05 on November 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

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    • Unknown 14:38 on November 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

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  • Dileepa Prabhakar 22:41 on July 6, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    4th of July parade (American Independence Day) 

    4th of July parade: The parade started at around 10:30 am. It was all very casual. No speeches,
    no politicians pushing propaganda, no military march-past. A lot of importance
    is given to public services (Fire dept., Police, Medics etc.). Nothing “political”
    about it :). But, right at the end of the parade, there were groups of people
    asking for votes for those standing for various elections. There was a US Navy
    helicopter fly-past. That’s about it! They call it the 4th of July parade – I didn’t hear anyone mention about it being their Independence Day. I guess they have been ‘independent’ for far too long to even notice!

    Fireworks at the Naval station: The city had arranged for
    fireworks at the Everett Naval Station. My passport was good enough for them to
    allow me in :). There was some good music and other events while everyone
    waited for the Sun to set. The sunset on the waterfront was beautiful. The
    Sun finally decided to go down at around 9:30
    pm and it was dark by 10:15 pm. Fireworks started at 10:20 pm
    and lasted for nearly 25 minutes. It was pretty good too. After it was done, I boarded
    the bus back to the main bus station and walked home (nearly 2 km) at 11:30 pm – that wasn’t the brightest thing to
    do at that late hour, but I had no choice!

    Pictures at: http://photos.yahoo.com/pdileepa


    • sillygloop 04:48 on July 7, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      Somehow I think the hours mentioned there would correspond with 7/8pm indian time. 7pm would definitely see sundown out here. By having 7pm made into 10pm they can enjoy more hours with sunlight in the evening and that helps save power with ppl enjoying outdoor activities i guess.
      As for the world cup, France seems to have enjoyed another great run for a team that\’s all but retired. Italy did well to score those late goals against Germany and seem to have an edge in their attack. May the best team win (and yeah…in 90 minutes 🙂

    • sillygloop 23:35 on July 10, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      Italy definitely deserved to win…just for sending Germany away with those 2 late goals. What Argentines couldnt do these guys did and how!

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 09:25 on July 4, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    My trip to Downtown Seattle 

    I went to Downtown Seattle today (3rd July). This is a Windows Live Local collection of my trip there. Click on the link below for the full tour. In Windows Live Local, for each point, select the Bird’s Eye View for a great view of that place.


    Pictures at: http://photos.yahoo.com/pdileepa



    My Windows Live Local collection

    Pike Place Market
    This is US’s oldest continuously operating market and it is more than 90 years old. They sell stuff the old way here – makes you feel you are in a local market back in India!

    Seattle waterfront. Lots of activity here – Boats, Yatches, Paragliding… good stuff!

    Seattle Aquarium
    I came here next. There was a big queue to get in, so didn’t go in.

    My lunch!
    I bought my lunch somewhere near here at a Vietnamese eatery – Vietnamese Veg Sandwich with a free soft drink!

    Seattle Art Museum
    Not interested in Art. Didn’t go in there.

    Pioneer Square – Smith Tower
    This is the city’s oldest neighborhood that flourished in the late 1800s. The area was completely destroyed in a fire in 1889.

    Quest Field
    The sports stadium – Americal Football, Soccer. Has a roof that can be closed – said to be the world’s biggest of the kind!

    King Station
    Old style Railway Station

    Hing Hay park…
    Not much of a park, this, but it does have a colourful dragon mural.

    Kobe Terrace Park
    Went in here and a couple of black guys"

    Your scratch pad has been truncated.

    • sillygloop 02:29 on July 5, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      Nice use of live local and hope u r all set to enjoy the 4th of celebrations out there! After the exit of the south americans soccer fever seems to have come down a bit. The rain clouds are however back in attendance here though not as much as in Mumbai. Enjoy the day!

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 23:55 on June 30, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Is this the worst banner Ad ever? (Zee News website) 


    It surely is! This webpage doesn’t even display a bit of the news item you are viewing until you scroll. It’s a full page banner Ad! Keep away from this website! (Because they don’t want you to read the news!!!!)


    • Unknown 01:12 on August 16, 2008 Permalink | Reply

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    • Unknown 14:37 on November 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

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  • Dileepa Prabhakar 10:58 on June 16, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Great photography 

    Checkout http://sainath.livejournal.com/

    He is Sainath, a former classmate of mine. A great guy, very intelligent. And a good photographer too. A treat for all you "Bird Watchers" out there (the real ones, i.e.)


  • Dileepa Prabhakar 07:06 on May 25, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Talking about Indian Railways 

    The great Indian Railways!


    Indian Railways

    How do you get around in a country of nearly a billion people? Take a the train… for better or worse, it’s a fascinating journey

    • Ipshita 07:36 on July 14, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      I am really proud that u have seen the beauty in Indian trains.. its undoubtedly fascinatiing, for sure!!! its worth it, in fact!
      I am proud to be an Indian! 🙂
      So should be every Indian living anywhere on this Earth, or ay be this Universe, for that matter! 🙂
      chalo, baad mein milte hain! 🙂

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 06:59 on May 25, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Talking about Break some wind 

    I like this!!!!


    Break some wind

    Gravity exists, but don’t tell these guys. Check out the Fly Away Wind Tunnel where skydivers practice hovering in the air with amazing ease and grace.

  • Dileepa Prabhakar 07:57 on May 4, 2006 Permalink | Reply  

    Hilarious Apple Get a Mac commercials 




    It’s just way too funny to miss.


    Notice how Apple cleverly & directly uses Microsoft Office to promote the Mac? That’s brilliant.



    • sillygloop 13:16 on May 4, 2006 Permalink | Reply

      Advertising is a totally different ball game altogether…but we can always afford to smile I guess 🙂

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