Request to Google: Improve the link strip and make it behave consistently 

The Google link strip present in some of Google’s web applications, though useful, can be improved a bit to improve the general usability of the applications.

When using Gmail/Google Reader/Google Calendar, if the window is not maximized, the display of the link strip is inconsistent across these applications.

In Gmail, the link strip wraps to the next ‘line’, with the application specific links moving to the 2nd line.

Google link strip in Gmail.

When the window is maximized/restored, the page realigns, which is a bit irritating.

In Google Reader and Calendar, the links on the left side and the ones on the right side overlap when the window is not maximized. The result looks ugly!

Google link strip in Google Reader.

Google can do better! Make the web application links on the left size auto adjust, with the ‘extra’ ones moving to the drop down menu under ‘more’. Like this:

Fix the Google link strip like this.

In the above ‘paint-shopped’ image, the ‘Web’ link is now hidden under the ‘more’ drop down list.

Of course, this won’t work under all conditions. But for use under ‘normal conditions’, this looks and works much better than the existing (inconsistent) implementation.