Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer memory usage comparison. 

Google Chrome has a cool built-in feature that lists the memory usage of all currently running browsers. This can be accessed by bringing up the Chrome Task Manager using Shift+Esc and then clicking on ‘Stats for nerds’. Or just type ‘about:memory’ into the Chrome Omnibar.

So I thought I would do a simple memory usage comparison by opening my most frequently used web applications.

Tab 1: Google Gmail (

Tab 2: Google Reader (

Tab 3: Google Calendar (

I opened the same 3 tabs in Google Chrome (beta), Mozilla Firefox 3.01 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 (Beta 2) and then opened the memory page in Chrome.  All three browser sessions were started afresh.

Google Chrome Memory Usage (Click to enlarge)

Google Chrome Memory Usage (Summary) (Click to enlarge)

Looking at just the ‘Private’ memory column, IE8 is a memory hog while Chrome and Firefox use similar amounts of memory.

I am pretty impressed at how well the Chrome beta works compared to IE8 beta 2.

Download Chrome:

Download Firefox:

Download IE8 beta2:

Chrome is currently available for Windows XP and Vista only. Mac and Linux versions are on the way.

IE8 is available for Windows XP and Vista only.