BBC’s biased F1 coverage 

"Vettel beats Hamilton to set pace" screams the BBC Motorsport’s headline for Friday Free Practice 1 (FP1) for the European Grand Prix at Valencia, Spain. Even though the headline is not factually incorrect, Vettel actually beat Filipe Massa to set pace, because Massa finished second and Hamilton finished third. But the BBC had to have Hamilton, the British driver, in the headline. Biased coverage, anyone?

If there is one driver in Formula 1 who irritates me more than Fernando Alonso, it is Lewis Hamilton. Fernando Alonso is a saint compared to Hamilton. Give me the same McLaren (and time to learn how to drive a F1 car) and I’ll beat Hamilton to pulp on any track. Seriously!

BBC's bias towards Lewis Hamilton

Update: BBC has changed the headline to an ‘unbiased’ version: "Vettel fastest as Hamilton spins". But they retain Hamilton’s name in the headline.